DynAvail: Cloud-Based Scalable and Available Publish/Subscribe

DynAvail is an extension to the Dynamoth platform that aims at providing availability and fault tolerance properties in the context of Cloud-based publish/subscribe systems. In Cloud systems, service disruptions can occur not only in relation to unforeseen system failures, but also due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Furthermore, some providers offer to rent unoccupied virtual machines at a lower cost with the consequence that preemption might occur if those machines are needed again.

DynAvail aims at proposing a fault-tolerant Cloud-based pub/sub infrastructure that can quickly detect server failures and reconfigure itself to get back to an operational state as quickly as possible, in order to minimize down time for latency-constrained applications. DynAvail also provides some other properties such as delivery guarantees and the preservation of FIFO ordering even in case of failure.

(More details to come…)