Cloud-Based Publish/Subscribe

Cloud-Based Publish/Subscribe systems are very useful when it comes to delivering real-time information quickly to interested parties. Publish/subscribe allows for decoupling content producers (publishers) from content consumers (subscribers).


Large-scale topic-based publish/subscribe have wide practical applications in many areas such as social networks, push notification infrastructures and chat frameworks, amongst others. The flexibility of such systems make them easily adaptable to a various scenarios, such as large-to-epic-scale games,since specific areas of the world can be represented as « topics », and interested players and other in-game entities can publish and receive relevant state updates. A desired property is for these systems to be able to scale in real-time according to the current load. Using the Cloud allows for vertical scalability while paying only for the resources that are used.

For a detailed description of the relevant research projects in this area:

>> Dynamoth: Cloud-Based Scalable Publish/Subscribe

>> DynAvail: Cloud-Based Scalable and Available Publish/Subscribe

>> MultiPub: Latency Optimization for Global-Scale Cloud Publish/Subscribe